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Five must read books for beginning data scientists.

As a fan of lifelong learning, one thing I like about data science and data analytics is that there’s always new things to learn and most of them have useful practical applications. The explosion of interest in the field in the last few years means there are a bewildering amount of online resources, tutorials and courses for learning data science. For someone taking the first steps on their data science journey it can be difficult to know where to start. The humble book still has it’s place as a source of knowledge and new ideas though. And here are 5 books that everybody interested in data science should read.

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Weapons of Math Destruction – A Review

I had been meaning to read this book for a while. It features on many recommended reading lists for data science and its author, Cathy O’Neil, was a proponent of data science who co-authored “Doing Data Science”, an excellent practical introduction to the subject. So I was interested to read what might be the antidote to some of the current big data hubris. Having started to read it a while back but put it aside, a recent holiday to Poland gave me a chance to revisit it.

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